Constantinople / Istanbul - Ancient and Modern - Crossroads of the World

Constantinople / Istanbul - Ancient and Modern - Crossroads of the World
Istanbul/constantinople - Ancient/Modern - View of the Old City from across the Golden Horn, atop the Galata Tower.

Sadly . . no 2014 Pilgrimage

For the second time* since 2006 I will not be leading an Early Christian World to Turkey in the spring of 2014.  This has nothing to do with the current, or future, "situations" in the Middle East, and everything to do with a realistic assessment of what I can and cannot squeeze into my life at my age. As retirement approaches (no timetable yet), in a few years it may be possible to resume these Pilgrimages.  Maybe even "with a vengeance"! But for now, I need to focus more attentively to parish ministry.

I want to thank all the wonderful Pilgrims of the past eight years - nearly 120 of you, and all the supporters and others who made this fabulous spiritual experience possible. Inş'allah, there will be a rebirth and renewal, perhaps in unforeseen directions.

Meanwhile, I am currently preparing for a second trip to Turkey with my brother priests of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, which is sponsored by the Pacifica Institute.

Keep in touch, though:

* The first year I missed was 2009, when I had major surgery in January and made the transition from Claremont, where I had been pastor at Our Lady of the Assumption for fifteen years, to Good Shepherd.